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We welcome all contributions to the T-Ender. Please send any material for the site by
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The views expressed on these pages are not those of Gloucester City A.F.C., its directors or officials, or of any other company mentioned. Neither do they represent the official views of the Gloucester City Supporters' Club or its committee.
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Welcome to the all singing, all dancing, 
Gloucester City web fanzine.

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December 2003 Edition

Meadow Park Christmas Stockings
We have a sneak look at what Santa brought down some chimneys this Christmas

Those Golden Valley Derbies
Some fond memories of when Boxing Derby meant a crowd of thousands not hundreds

A Spy in the Camp?
The egg-chasers have a peak at Meadow Park

Tactical Genius Uncovered
The secret behind England's world cup triumph down under is revealed. 

DML Western 2003/4 Preview & Predictions?
Despite already making me look stupid this is staying for a while. With guest pundit Simon Cowell.


And Some Old 'Essential' Standards re-written for the 21st Century

Thugs, Lies and Tickertape
Being a true and complete account of Gloucester City related violence and a clear repudiation of most allegations made against the aforementioned supporters. 
Focuses particularly on the troubles of the 1996/7 season, but this ain't something that's going to go away...
Why Gloucester is Better than Ch@#tenham.
As if anyone actually needs convincing.
Where Has All the Money Gone?
A blow by blow account of the money problems that have befallen Gloucester City in recent seasons. Read it and weep, make of it what you will...
Songs of the T-End
If we waited for things to go well for us to start singing we'd never get going at all. City fans have long had the reputation as the loudest per fan in non-league, and we've got a wide repertoire mixing some familiar and less familiar songs and chants. It's difficult to do them justice in print, so why not come along and hear them in all their glory.
Don't Stand, Don't Stand So Close To Me
As we get used to our new impoverished Western Division surroundings the T-Ender offers some tips on how to re-create the crowded atmosphere of yester year.
Why the T-End
Why be here if you can't explain the arcane background and dim distant legend behind things like the T-End.
Living for the City
An old article I found which makes interesting reading now. It will add some relief for both the nostalgic, and those just fed up with my inane waffle.


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Disclaimer: The views expressed on these pages are not necessarily those of Gloucester City A.F.C. or it's directors, or of any other company mentioned. They are not necessarily the opinions of those writing this website, or of anyone at all. We just made them up, and are certainly not going to get sued or beaten up because of them. No animals, or even Ch@#tenham supporters, have been hurt in the making of this website.

Warning: Failure to regularly visit this web page could lead to dangerous side effects such as going outside, seeing the sunshine, having a life and according to medical experts even spontaneous combustion. Ultimately if you don't keep up regular visits to this site your pants may be repossessed and you may be forced to watch Ch@#tenham Town where they commit unnatural acts like the lifting of silverware.

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