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What They Said About the Gloucester City Website

1) The best thing I've come across since Monica Lewinsky -Bill Clinton (yankee bloke apparently) .

2) I don't understand computers. I just stand my coffee on mine -John Beacham (former VP's Chair and City's crafty cockney type). #TRUE#

3) Isn't that all about surfing then? I wouldn't let my children near it. -Rob Thomas (City chairman). #TRUE#

4) Are you off the T-End? Well you can just piss off you common dirty, unwashed little yob. How dare you talk to the likes of me? Look how important I am. -Ken Turner (City secretary and fan hater, lives in Ch@#tenham).

5) You lying, over-opinionated, naughty, naughty boy. -Some very upset Stevenage fans.

6) A website? What an excellent idea. You just leave it with me. In two years you'll have the best website in the country. In five years you'll have the best website in the world. It'll have 'executive' links, and professional graphics, and a mega-site shared with Cheltenham, and it'll have music and all these fancy ideas pinched from the US. And then I'll run off with all your money and leave you in the shit. -Keith "robber" Gardener (Former City chairman and unpopular person, ain't satire great), is any of that libelous?

7) You can stick your f@ckin' website up your arse! -The T-End (Cheers everyone).

8) Very Good, and obviously official. -Cheltenham Town Website (Thanks, but, you're a bit dim ain't ya?)

9) Cor, wow, look technology. -Leroy Rosenior (maybe not, but HE has seen it, and we are semi-OFFICIALLY ENDORSED)

10) Seig Heil, seig heil, we are the nastiest bunch of neanderthals on the planet and therefore stand in opposition to the great good force of liberalism and hope that is represented by your website. -Wisbech "fans", obviously.

11) What football team? -The Citizen (maybe a little unfair these days, but still...)

12) One does not waste one's time on such things. Tarquin, fetch me my cufflinks..., you just can't get the staff these days. -Ch@#tenham fan type 1

13) Ug - Ch@#tenham fan type 2

14) I just looked at it, and the monitor crumpled on the floor, I never touched it honest. -Adie Mings

15) Purple elephants and little...erm, floating dragons.... -Wayne Dobbins (left the club under a small, fluffy, shining little cloud).

16) I'm not looking unless I get my money. -David Coles (mercenary goalkeeper).

17) Glarster, Glarster, Glarster, Glarster, Glarster, Glarster. -The most imaginative fan in Kingsholm.

18) I wish we had another fan. -Little Timmy Shorter, the Forest Green supporter.

19) Great, I'll buy it, here's lots of money. -Trevor Horsley (ridiculously ambitious Forest Green chairman.)

20) You're nicked. -Gloucester copper.

21) Maaerrrvellous- Someone from Barry, South Wales.

22) I'm afraid our editorial policy only allows us to slag off Gloucester City. -Teamtalk non-league magazine, purveyor of bollocks and not factual opinions to the masses.

23) Seventy-three. -Hard of hearing type on the Cross.

24) Chomp, munch, humph, munch, slurp. -Mike Bullingham (City's General Manager, top bloke, and all round round person).

25) It's not as good as ours what is the bestest thing ever - so yah, boo, sucks and lollipops - the TR website

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