New Year Resolutions

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An exclusive sneaky look at some of the New Year Resolutions chalked up on the walls in Meadow Park (just above the high water mark)

Grantley Dicks - I will give up food and drink, apart from maybe pies and beer. But other stuff, really…
Kacey Johnstone - I'll get back in touch with Matt and Luke about reforming Bros.
Nigel Niblett - I will let the past go.
Brian Godfrey - I will at least occasionally look at the road when driving the bus.
Tracy Newport - I will not even once mention how tough it is having a girl's name when I am asked a question by a supporter in a public place.
Ryan Gannaway - I will read from cover to cover the book I got for Christmas. It's called Janet and John Play Catch. It looks really … experimental.
Matt Rawlins - I will stick at something when it's difficult.
Jimmy Cox - I will let other people play as well, even though it is actually my ball and I could go home if you don't pass it back to me.
Wayne Thorne - I will not play if the leg actually drops off. Unless we're short.
The Team - We will learn to love and caress the ball, stroke it and care for it. We will stop treating it like a primed grenade and stop heaving it as far away from us as quickly as possible.
Eamonn McGurk - I will not get hostile if someone asks about the money. Alright, or the land. Unless they ask it twice in which case it's not a promise.
Ryan Gannaway - Perhaps I'll give it a go playing at centre-back?
The T-Ender - We will give the board that fifteenth opportunity to convince us. C'mon, slate's clean, show us yer books and we'll even risk one of your burgers.
Chennas - I will sit still for a moment. Bugger. I mean in one place. There I go. I will sit, goddamn! Still. One place. Oh, #@*#!
Nigel Niblett - I will play football even when it's cold outside and my team might lose.
City Fan Type 6(c) - I will stop moaning about everything and do something about it.
City Fan Type 9 (a) - I will come back to Meadow Park and show some loyalty.
Ch~#tenham Town fan - I will learn to respect that I am in the wrong. Always.
God - I will stop pissing all over your little football team, just for once. But mind the plague of locusts that are heading your way in April. And sorry about the first born too, I always seem to get carried away with these things.

And remember folks, it only counts if you keep it until at least the second week of the year...