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Last summer we brought you  'The Terrace Trash Bluffers Club by Club Guide to the DML Western Division'. 

It seems only fair to open ourselves up to more humiliation by looking at how we did. Was it a big fat Jemini nul points for spelling, singing and dancing? Or was it a triumphant belly dancing Eurovision Turkish triumph? Let's be honest - it doesn't start well when moments after posting the article on the website people are emailing in to point out that Taunton isn't in Devon, and is the county town of Somerset thank you very much. That got changed pretty smartish, and you can compare the original article here

Atherstone United
We said: 
"in Sheepy Road they have the coldest and most godforsaken ground in the league"  
It is difficult to see much other than mid-table struggle for them in this campaign. Difficult times ahead.
Despite City being a considerably stronger side the away trip has been something of a recurring nightmare for us. You can expect much the same sort of results this season."
T-Ender Prediction: 16th
Odds: 16-1

They did: 20th
The Adders went through a financial collapse, failed to play players and ended up missing the drop on goal difference by winning on the final day of the season. We may not have predicted the full enormity of their financial plight but we didn't do too badly - we were always going to be right about Sheepy Road though.
City will be more sorry than most to see the Adders survive. They remain our bogey side, ruining the season start by beating us at home and despite their poor form holding us in another violent 1-1 match in the away league fixture. The Trophy tie did see us start on our glorious run though.  

Bedworth United

We said: 
"Bedworth will be looking to improve on last season's inconsistencies
"may surprise a few people next season with some one-off results. 
"City can only improve against them this campaign and will hopefully pick up some points."
T-Ender Prediction: 10th
Odds: 12-1

They did: 18th
We thought Bedworth were good, they thought they were good. Everyone was wrong as injuries and loss of confidence saw the Greenbacks struggling for air in the relegation mire. Ended up a nervy 3 points from the drop and disappointed when they tied to kick City off the pitch at Meadow Park having played us off it the previous season. We did get some revenge for humiliation the previous season with a 4-1 home win.

Bromsgrove Rovers
We said: 
It's hard to see them being quite ready for a push back to the DML Premier.
Upper mid-table would seem a realistic goal."
T-Ender Prediction: 9th
Odds: 33-1

They did: 3rd
This is why you must not listen to us. Spectacularly wrong as Bromsgrove roared to the top and set the pace for the first half of the season. Ultimately lacked the bottle to see the job through and had to settle for 3rd, but none the less an impressive return to the DML. City rather improbably did the double over them too.

Cinderford Town

We said: 
Cinderford's aspirations may well flounder as they have little flexibility in their finances and the relationship between manager Tony Hopkins and the club is volatile and may yet unravel.
"still have the problems with drainage that usually creates an end of season fixture pile-up"
T-Ender Prediction: 14th
Odds: 66-1

They did: 15th
Oh come on, what do you want blood?! One place off being spot on and their manager did go, and they did have fixture backlog again. Didn't see our 4-0 thrashing at The Causeway coming though did we.

Cirencester Town
We said: 
"may well find that teams on the park don't automatically follow bricks and mortar and it's difficult to see them managing anything more than mid-table
"the loss of Ray Baverstock from the set-up may mean a difficult settling in period for Ciren"
T-Ender Prediction: 18th
Odds: 12-1

They did: 14th
Ciren did a little better than we suggested, but we were closer in our prediction than the bookies who seemed overly impressed with the new stadium.

Clevedon Town
We said: 
"A promotion challenge would be a lot to ask at present, and mid-table respectability would seem more of an achievable goal
"the manager is once again left with the unenviable job of trying to make contenders out of not very much quality."
T-Ender Prediction: 15th
Odds: 33-1

They d 13th
A late season rally took them a little higher than predicted, but the gist of our comments came true with a mid-table finish following some nervy months looking over their shoulder.  

Evesham United
We said: 
"will do well again this season, but will always be just that little bit off the pace
"The club itself claim to be 'developing youth' - not smacking of confidence about this season."

T-Ender Prediction: 12th
Odds: 40-1

They did: 12th
If only I'd put my mortgage on this lot finishing 12th for the second consecutive year I'd be on a Mediterranean cruise right now instead of stuck at this keyboard. Evesham are waiting for ground development - allowing us a chance to get some very revenge for recent seasons, a double including a 6-1 drubbing at Meadow Park.

Gresley Rovers

We said: 
"lost a few players as a result of the change at the helm and that may set their promotion timetable back at least a season.
Likely to be a lot better than some may expect, but probably just a little bit short of promotion material this time around. Tough opposition and likely to be difficult to beat at the Moat, but not enough to get their hands on the shield."
T-Ender Prediction: 3rd
Odds: 12-1

They did: 9th
Didn't do as well as I'd expected and slipped back from the previous season. However they produced some good results in patches and I still think they'll be back in the hunt soon.

Mangotsfield United
We said: 
"the Mangos are a strong outfit now and still have potentially one of the freest scoring attacks in our division. If everything clicks into place they could even be an outside promotion bet."
T-Ender Prediction: 7th
Odds: 10-1

They did: 6th
Got the free scoring bit right then, not a lot else you can say about a side who score 106 league goals. Were in the chasing pack for much of the season but ended up narrowly missing out, perhaps partly because of the two four goal defeats by City who finally put the ghost of past defeats to bed.

Merthyr Tydfil
We said: 
"Despite all the history of the club it is difficult to see them bouncing straight back up as Halesowen did the previous year."
Expect a top six finish but nothing more."
T-Ender Prediction: 5th
Odds: 5-1

They did: 1st
We totally underestimated Merthyr, but by the time they beat us on Boxing Day they already had the look of Champions. Their manager did wonders on a limited budget and a group of young players who worked very, very hard. I thought I'd been quite generous predicting 5th too! Oh well, at least we beat them in the Trophy.

Racing Club Warwick
We said: 
"You'd like to say they could expect better this season, but yet again you can only predict a bottom two finish."
T-Ender Prediction: 21st
Odds: 16-1

They did: 22nd
After so many years of struggling to keep their heads above water Warwick finally sank, and sank without trace with a meager three wins. Not a prediction that you can take too much joy from. City helped them on their way with a six goal win on their bumpy pitch. And the bookies - what were they thinking of ?

Redditch United
We said:
"Likely to improve on last seasons rather dismal performance.
"likely to be back in the top half of the table next spring, expect more of quiet improvement rather than trailblazing glory.
"Will easily avoid any relegation worries but Redditch are another side going through a 'transitional' period."
T-Ender Prediction: 11th
Odds: 40-1

They did: 7th
We expected a rally from the Valley, but Redditch improved even more as the season went on to do much better than expected. Will be looking forward to next season while City found them awkward opponents and lost twice to them.

We said:
"Another likely favourite to struggle this season after only winning a relegation reprieve last time out following the demise of Bilston and Bloxwich. 
"may well be playing at a level they will find difficult to perpetuate for too much longer.

T-Ender Prediction: 22nd
Odds: 80-1

They did: 21st
That they managed to finish one place higher than predicted will give the Romans little comfort as it was still enough to send them back to the Midland Alliance. Had a poor season and could not summon something extra when it mattered, a draw on the last day enough to send them down on goal difference. Despite a bad campaign City couldn't beat them in two attempts.

Rugby United
We said:
"Unlikely to threaten but also unlikely to get pushed around - it looks like a season of mid-table consolidation for Rugby."
T-Ender Prediction: 13th
Odds: 14-1

They did: 8th
Didn't really know what to expect from Rugby but they got stronger as the season went on and finished a highly credible 8th. Could well shift up another gear next season and we found them tricky enough in this campaign, getting only a point from them.

Shepshed Dynamo
We said:
"without Kirk Masters it may be that they'll be anxiously looking over their shoulders. Too good to really struggle, not good enough to take it easy."
T-Ender Prediction: 19th
Odds: 40-1

They did: 16th
Ended up only 5 points from the drop but the division was so tight that it was enough for 16th place. however Shepshed are still hit by financial problems and know they need to do a lot to progress next season. Like to think our defeat at their place in April played a crucial role in their survival.

Solihull Borough
We said:
"you can expect Solihull to be slugging it out with Weston for promotion and their settled squad may prove the decisive factor."
T-Ender Prediction: 1st
Odds: 7-2

They did: 4th
Another desperately disappointing season for Solihull. Suffered under the burden of expectation and never managed the long unbeaten runs that are needed to get the title. Still played attractive football but just lacked a little bit of metal when needed most. City's victory against them at Meadow Park was crucial in our own revival.

Stourport Swifts
We said:
"while we think they'll slip from last season's form they'll still comfortably avoid any relegation worries."
T-Ender Prediction: 17th
Odds: 16-1

They did: 17th
Particularly proud to have predicted the Swifts struggle this season as the previous year they finished high up the table. the only thing we got wrong was the comfortable bit, in the end they survived by just 4 points. Still had enough to take advantage of a slack City day to elbow and dive their way to a win at Meadow Park. what would you do when you were this desperate?

Sutton Coldfield
We said:
"Likely to provide strong opposition, but perhaps not quite strong enough to be placed amongst the favourites"
T-Ender Prediction: 8th
Odds: 8-1

They did: 11th
We got the idea just about right but Sutton Coldfield will be disappointed not to have done a little better after the previous season looked like a breakthrough year for them. We like to have them about though, we seem to have the happy knack of grinding out wins against them.

Swindon Supermarine
We said:
"the gap they need to make up remains immense and Supermarine don't appear to have the players or resources to do much more than survive this season. There are teams likely to be weaker this season, but not many - so likely to be another long scrap of a season for them."
T-Ender Prediction: 20th
Odds: 12-1

They did: 19th
Ray Baverstock ended up inspiring an incredible escape for Supermarine who did much the same thing the previous year. They'll have been disappointed to have survived in such a nerve jangling fashion, but they beat the drop by a point and that's all that will matter.

Taunton Town
We said:
"undoubtedly have the power to move straight into the higher reaches of the division it is questionable if they will adjust to facing serious opposition week in week out."
T-Ender Prediction: 4th
Odds: 16-1

They did: 10th
The world seemed to expect Taunton to race through the division so we felt 4th was a safe bet as we had reservations. Should have backed instinct a little more as Taunton did find the jump to the DML a little harder than many has hoped. A very welcome addition to the division though, a good club and 6 points for City!

Weston-Super-Mare Town
We said:
"everyone's pre-season title favourites following a frenetic summer that has seen boss Frank Gregan sign nearly every available player in Dorset and Somerset.
"don't be too surprised if this is one of those fixtures that brings out the best in our team."

T-Ender Prediction: 2nd
Odds: 7-2

They did: 2nd
Got their position right, even if we got the champions wrong. we were also wrong about the way they'd win promotion. They certainly had the metal but not the class, judging by their bruising over-bearing tactics against us. We were also beaten twice by the Seagulls when we'd hoped for a more passionate display. 

Gloucester City
We said:
"trying to be realistic I'd expect us to improve significantly without necessarily quite setting the world alight.
"many of our younger players grew in stature as last season went on
"I reckon we can hit top six with a bit of luck, although by that I probably mean sixth."
T-Ender Prediction: 6th
Odds: 40-1

We did: 5th
Not far off, and we're ecstatic we did so well as top six was aspiration as much as belief. Those young players did improve again, but this time really came on leaps and bounds, while the addition of Jimmy Cox gave us a genuine cutting edge. Had the season started better the season could have held even more, but we look to the next season with real ambition for the first time in a long while.

So overall not a bad field, we got one promotion side and both of the relegated teams right and were only a position off on our own finish.
Merthyr and Bromsgrove really surprised us all, and at least we've learnt exactly where Taunton is. Now we're looking forward to being right about City doing even better next season.