1998 Awards

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End of Season Awards 1997-98

Supporter's Player of the Year: Gary Thorne

Supporters of the Year: Rob and Viv Thomas -with thanks for their efforts in a difficult first year.

Understatement of the Year: Describing this season as "difficult" above.

Best Win of the Season: 4-0 vs. Bath City on 1st Jan. 1998 (home).

Worst Defeat: 1-4 vs. Forest Green on 7th Feb. 1998 (home) -at least Forest Green's ten fans enjoyed themselves.

The Lance Morrison Award for Best Goal of the Year: Andy Mainwaring vs. Bath City on 1st Jan. 1998 (home) -25 yard chip with his first touch, and in front of the T-End.

The Baverstock Award for Best Sending Off: Gary Thorne vs. Worcester City on 11th April 1998 (home) -wins for the purely gratuitous and unnecessary level of violence involved, especially as it was so out of character. A truely x-rated two footed knee high lunge in an entirely unthreatening area of the pitch.

The Jeff Sherwood Award for Most Money Orientated Player: David Coles for services to mammon and two-faced hypocrisy.

The Jeff Meacham Award for Most improved Player: Andy Tucker for discovering how to tackle in January.

The Bobbley Pitch Award for Most Bizarre Occourance: The whole Forest Green in the Conference scenario.

Worst Ground Visited: Salisbury- only two sides, and even those aren't finished...

Best Ground Visited: Burton Albion- strictly speaking maybe not the best, but at least you can see their trying to make it better. Nothing a roof on the away end wouldn't help though.

Worst Fans: Wisbech by a mile, the place evolution missed- neanderthal racist scum.

Best Visiting Fans: Waterlooville- only a few of them but they didn't stop singing even though they went out of the Cup. And both sets of fans left the ground singing "Enger-land" songs before our game in Rome.

Little Hitler Award for Mindlessly Officious Stewarding: Shared between Salisbury (for trying to provoke the smallest riot ever seen) and Tamworth (for mistaking 4 lost City fans for a full scale pitch invasion and potentially worst encroachment on sovereign territory since Poland in 1939).

Best T-End Performance: vs. Bath City on 1st Jan. 1998. It may be easy to sing when your 4-0 up, but if we hadn't started singing that first goal might never have come. Shows that crowds can change matches and that the best way to kick the T-End off is to sing the anti-Cheltenscum songs.

Rob Kemp (it's a long story) Award for Best Player's Quip: Steve Mokler response to why he hadn't stopped a particularly scorching shot: "If I could stop things like that do you think I'd be fuckin' well playing for you?". Quite.

Ken Turner Award for Person Most Likely to get Lynched on the T-End: Keith Gardner- in a shock move Ken's traditional spot as fan's 'least favourite' has been cruelly snatched from him by Gardner, much like he nicked all the money and the club's good name then.

Worst Losers Award: Gresley Rovers for their carping about a penalty at Christmas (and they still haven't apologised for April 1997, and their yobs are still allowed into their excuse for a ground! not that I'm still bitter). However a special mention must go here for Stevenage as Worst Winners, perhaps whinging cockneys rather than plastic cockneys? Ooops, I sense the impending arrival of a dozen offended Boro fan's e-mails.

Whatever Happened to...Award: Dwayne Smith- so quick he seemed to have got carried away at training and never returned.

Lowest point of the Season: Being told we were about to fold.

High Point of the Season: Surviving.

Person Most Likely to replace God: Rob Thomas, nuff said.

All awards polished with lick and spittle by T-Towel.

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